About: Red Lips White China


Red Lips White China was a blog I created anonymously in 2015 to detail my planned escape from Big Law into art. In February 2016 I took the plunge, resigning from my job as in-house Legal Counsel for a Big4 accounting firm and relocating from Sydney to Canberra to train at the ANU School of Art. I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in ceramics. 

In my blog I occasionally reflect on my past lawyer-life but, wary of Lot's wife, am fairly forward focussed, sharing snippets of my daily art-school grind together with reviews of exhibitions and other occasional stuff.

I am also in the arduous process of getting my online shop up and running; in the interim, if you see something you like (or have any other queries, enquiries or thoughts), please use the contact form below. 

You can also follow my practice on Facebook over at:  https://www.facebook.com/HenriettaFarrellyBarnett/


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